IT Planet Solution Client’s Perspective, Our Objective


we are a dynamic firm which holds young and productive service providers of all the domains yielding the best in delivering the potential outcomes. Henceforth, the enthusiast team at IT Planet Solution works to fulfil the client’s perspective with result-oriented solutions. Our service providers strive our best in designing, implementing and delivering the specialized web-based software products following the concepts fulfilling the client’s concerns

We work beholding a professional service methodology such as

  • Assessment – We completely review and analyze the needs and concerns of your projects and then work accordingly in identifying all its associated factors and challenges. After doing so, we provide a complete proof detailed work proposal for your reference as a concept.
  • Planning and Design – Before initiation of any tasks or projects, we schedule a meeting to properly communicate with our clients to go extra miles in generating the best outcomes. This helps us in having a complete understanding of the app’s design and other concerns of host applications.
  • Implementation – We bring the final developed output in accordance with the approved specifications. Owing to this, we perform quality associated testing and stage solution for a successful project release.
  • Acceptance – The project gets handed over to the concern person or client and gets signed off.
  • Web Development – We are experts in building web-based applications and also comprise of in-house programming expertise & languages which help us in developing client-side/server-side scripting and writing markup and coding, powerful websites, database-driven applications and integration projects.
  • Managed Support – A constant support always gets delivered from our ends for smoother functioning of the assigned projects.
  • Advice –We are persistently available to serve you with 'ad-hoc' advice for projects. Therefore, we can complete projects within the prescribed deadlines.
  • Procurement & New System Implementations – We supply and implement a comprehensive range of standard and specialist hardware and software solutions for clients. Clients often ask us to source and project manage the implementation of complete systems and solutions.

Looking to the future

High performing business leaders now accept that their organizations' future success is tied to their ability to keep pace with technology. Our vision is to remain at the forefront of technology by constantly researching and trialing new technologies so we can always offer you the best and latest solutions to your IT requirements. We will always strive to take into account not only your current needs but also your aspirations for your future with technology.